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What to Consider When Choosing an OCR Solution

Open-source technology is widely used in businesses these days. But not all solutions are the same and are not the best for all users.

Let’s take, for example, optical character recognition (OCR). There are lots of vendors offering OCR software development kits (SDKs), many of which are open-source. But truth is that these options are unique in several ways, hence bringing different outcomes to different users. If you own a business, how then do you select an OCR solution that fits your needs perfectly?

Proven Brand

Choosing an OCR brand with a proven track record is the first step you should take. Do your homework – know their history, customer base, warranties, and so on. Very importantly, make sure they are an original developer and not just repackaging other solutions with their brand.


A robust OCR solution is one that supports conversion in a whole variety of image and application formats, such as JPG, PNG, etc. In short, all applications utilized by businesses these days! If there’s a need for other software, then you obviously have the wrong solution.

Reliable Conversions

As a business, you probably have to comply with many government regulations, which means the conversions you get should be 100% accurate, whether characters, punctuation marks, graphics, etc. The copy must be no different from the original, that’s it. Even minor errors are unacceptable. Why invest in software if you still need to spend time checking for errors in the final output anyway? It practically defeats your purpose.


We all know that in a business setting, time is money. You can’t be stalled by an OCR solution that isn’t running up to speed. Look for an OCR vendor that offers a free trial. Let the software run without intervention and see how many documents it is able to convert within the span of an hour. If the vendor won’t give you a test run, they’re probably not confident about their product. Of course, that’s a red flag right there.

Data Security

Accuracy is critical and so is data security. Businesses usually have a need for secure data conversion, delivery and storage capabilities. Thus, make sure your OCR vendor understands this specific need.


Finally, keep in mind that the job of your vendor is not only to provide technology but quality service and support as well. It’s true that you can only learn about this once you’ve actually purchased their product, there are online reviews that can give you a fairly accurate picture. Not all reviews can be trusted, but if you only read them in well-known, third-party websites, you’re fairly safe.

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